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Legal assistance in Almaty provided by our company covers many aspects of law

Attorney in Almaty

адвокат в Алматы

Attorney is a specialist, who protects interests and provides legal assistance to individuals and legal entities.

Highly qualified and most experienced lawyers of the southern capital city work in our company. They have an extensive practice and experience in solving various legal issues and problems.

The development history of the attorney’s field

From the earliest times, there was always a need for protecting and representing interests between different society members and state authorities; therefore, advocacy as a profession emerged and evolved as an independent trend since the earliest times. There were people in every society, who worked in this area. According to domestic traditions and principles, professionals of this area were called differently. For example, patrons were first lawyers in Rome and they worked to provide legal consultations.

Emergence of advocacy as an occupation may be associated with making and development of laws, which regulated social and personal relations between all society’s quirites.

With the evolvement of social aspects, science, discoveries in the most different life areas, globalization, specialists engaged in protecting and representing needs became known as attorneys.

Best attorneys in Almaty

The profession of a legal advocate is one of the most difficult, intense, absorbing, and requires continuous improvement of legal competencies, study and look out for ways of solving various cases in court and pre-court proceedings.

A legal advocate both in the southern capital city and in any city and country must possess knowledge, know legal science details, set up a line of defense, timely provide and request required or missing documents.

Legal practice consists of two types:

Criminal cases  - are homicides, road traffic accidents, thefts, etc. related cases. Here one must have expertise in the criminal code and court proceedings.

Civil cases -mean a field covering a wide range of legal regulations. Understanding of the civil, labor, family, arbitration codes is required. Lawyers often choose one of the mentioned branches of the civil case and have a narrow area of expertise.

Our company specializes in all possible variations of jurisprudence, has skilled and experienced experts in our city, deals with and resolves any disputes and complications in the area of law. .

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