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Definition of legal support


Правовое сопровождение в Алматы


Definition of legal support

Legal support of business means assistance and consultation in all stages of entrepreneurial activities. When doing business there is always a need for deep knowledge of laws, and competent execution of all contracts, sales and purchase transactions, tenders, rent of premises and other documents guarantee no problems before the law.


Legal support of business in Almaty

You can have your in-house lawyer for checking all transactions that take place in the course of conducting business. But one can hardly afford it and a lawyer is not always needed for a full working day. A lot of people rarely need legal assistance when issues arise or when certain problems need to be solved. Therefore, many companies use a third-party legal support of law firms.


Legal support benefits

We offer a competent legal support in Almaty at best prices ! Only we provide a whole range of services at affordable and reasonable prices. Our company has been working for several years and can render all types of law related services to you. .


Why is it better to have a third-party lawyer?

There is a lot of reasons in favor of using a legal support service in a third-party law firm. We will tell about some of them:
The first reason to use a third-party lawyer is that you do not have to consider fixed payment for lawyer's work, moreover, a competent and experienced lawyer requests a higher salary. You can get services only when you need it but not every month. The second reason is that there is no need to pay for providing the in-house lawyer with a work station. Desk, computer, cellular communication, pension and insurance contributions, medical insurance and alike do not cost cheap. Apart from that, a bigger office space should be available, i.e. a bigger office premises should be rented. The third reason lies in a legal liability. When having an in-house lawyer, you cannot control all his/her actions. In case your lawyer breaks the law because of lack of competence, you will be responsible for this.

You will avoid it if you work with an experienced company providing competent legal support!

The fourth reason to use a third-party law firm lies in optimization of business. You can outsource legal services and get concentrated on the focal areas of your business bringing you profit.

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