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Legal services


Definition of legal services

Legal services mean provision of individuals and legal entities with a regular legal assistance related to solving legal issues, conducting court cases, providing legal advices, inspecting in-house documents (contracts, agreements, etc.) of the company and other legislation related services.

There are two options to solve an issue of a need in legal support:

  1. Employ a lawyer. For that, you will need to spend time to find a qualified specialist, arrange a working station and ensure there is everything necessary for performing work in an appropriate way, provide a social package and pay monthly salary including all taxes and contributions.
  2. Order legal services. In this case you can discuss the payment and list of needed services and reduce expenses for having a staff lawyer in the company.


Legal services include:

— consultations in reference to legislation related legal issues;

— checkup and development of contracts;

— expert review of drawn up contracts, agreements;

— participation in negotiations;

— notifying about changes in legislation;

— legal audit of the company's in-house documents;

— protection of client's interests in state agencies;

— client's transaction support;

— registration, liquidation and reorganization of legal entities;

— arrangement of the company's records management;

— other legal services as requested and wanted by the client.


Our benefits in providing legal services in Almaty:

— confidentiality;

— solution of set goals within short time-frame;

— cooperation under an individual plan, possibility of forecasting/optimizing costs in drawing up and signing of the service provision contract;

— guaranteed provision of the qualified legal assistance;

— saving of funds for having a staff lawyer (arrangement and provision of a working station, social package (sick leave and maternity leave payments, etc.), salary, payment of taxes).



A lot of things depend on the selection of a company or specialist, who will be providing you or your company with a legal support. For example, failure to timely respond to any procedural operations and events emerging in the course of liaison and cooperation with various state authorities may lead to all kinds of fines and various restrictions.

Our company renders legal services in Almaty at a professional and high level, timely helps and solves any legal services related issues.

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