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Legal assistance in Almaty provided by our company covers many aspects of law

Civil Cases Attorney

Attorneys are specialists, who protect interests and provides legal assistance to individuals and legal entities.

Highly qualified and experienced lawyers having an extensive practice and experience in solving various legal issues and problems work in our company.

Lawyer’s activities in solving civil disputes (including pre-trial proceedings). Usually, Kazakhstani citizens contact specialists for professional consultation prior to deciding whether to write complaints, sayings, and to further go to court. After consultation, when a problem is explained, aspects of interests are responded, it is then possible to rationally evaluate chances of a litigation.
Consultations of a specialist for legal issues aim at:

Once consultation and analysis of the situation are completed, our employee can recommend signing of the contract or provision of one-time services or drawing up of the agreement for rendering proper support services.

Value of the civil cases legal advocate

Once advice about signing of the agreement is given, writing a lawsuit, petition to court is recommended. It is surely done after a case conduct contract is negotiated. The answers to such questions as what does a “case conduct process” include and can people living in the city not seek services of the specialist for resolving civil case disputes are as follows: First: a concluded case conduct contract means that the attorney assumes full liabilities starting from preparation of the case to be presented at court (writing of declarations), participation in a preliminary case hearing, filing a petition, if needed and ending with assisting in collection of necessary documents and attendance at sessions of the Justice Authority. Second: any person has a right to choose a service listed while saving funds. However, it is worth mentioning about all kinds of nuances of an “easy” case if a person is going to independently defend his/her interests and rights. For instance, there is a nuance in compiling a claim as it can be executed according to formal and informal rules. Only experienced professionals know such nuances, they can promptly initiate a case and rule out a possibility that the case is not taken to court. After a case is accepted at court, a lawyer starts preparing proofs, namely: collection of information required for the case, questioning of witnesses, making necessary requests, legal analysis of received data. All actions focused on the client's interests, professional skills and great experience in settling general civil disputes provide a significant basis for a successful completion of the case.

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