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Pre-trial Resolution of Disputes

Applying to court is onerous and expensive. The main thing is what consequences each party will be exposed to before the law.

Therefore,pre-trial resolution of disputes is a good alternative to court for small and non-criminal problems.

We have an extensive experience in the pre-trial resolution of disputes across Kazakhstan. The excellent side of our services is promptness and proper quality of works. We do our work in good faith!

Pre-trial resolution of disputes will help solving many of your problems promptly without imposing a conviction, which is most important. You will not need to wait for court sessions and judge’s decision. Everything can be resolved internally in the presence of a competent attorney, as a matter of course, who will be able to evaluate a problem as a whole. The attorney can advise you on various violations of the law and what consequences will be entailed as a result.

When is pre-trial resolution of disputes efficient?

Pre-trial resolution of disputes is efficient in settling property disputes. The property can be divided fairly almost in all cases without resorting to the help of court.

The second area of the pre-trial resolution of disputes is inflicting minor damage by one party to another. For example, if children inadvertently break a big window or an expensive gadget, there is no need to go to court. It can be resolved without court but surely with the involvement of the attorney, who will help finding fair solutions and will not let either party demand too much. For example, it can be found out that the window was not broken by your child. Therefore, a solution should be reasonable.

Summarizing the above, it could be said that pre-trial resolution of disputes is a good tool for solving your problems. We will help you get rid of your problems without court.

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