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Resolution of Divorce Disputes in Almaty

A family is a cell of the society, so to speak, the basis for any culture and statehood. But it is not always the case that a marriage made in heaven lives long, people does not always live with peace and quiet in the family. It often happens that people need to live separately, which means they need a divorce.

We deal with the divorce disputes resolution in Almaty in reference to all core aspects. This includes division of property, recovery of alimony, distribution of children and establishment of paternity.

Division of property

People live in a family more than one year, as a rule. Many families get divorced after they have lived together for 5 or even 20 years. It is natural that for such a long time, spouses acquire property in the course of a marriage, which is divided between a husband and wife in case of divorce.

It is not always easy to do it! Sometimes property is comprised of different types of assets bought by different people at different times. We will help you defend your rights in the course of division of property.

Recovery of alimony

Nowadays, many fathers unfortunately do not fulfill their fatherly duties after divorce while a child grows, needs clothes to wear and goes to school!

Therefore, in such cases a service called recovery of alimony is applied. The aim of this service is to do as much as possible for a child, so to speak, to oblige fathers to fulfill their fatherly duties according to the law. This is the most demanded field in resolving divorce disputes in Almaty.

Distribution of children

Children are flowers in our life! But it is not always possible for a child to live together with his/her mother and father at the same time. During divorce, children have to make choice between mother or father, it is certainly better for a child to live with a mother, and it is most often the case, but sometimes father is better. Let us omit it, it is not worth going into details here.

We guarantee prompt resolution of divorce disputes in Almaty at the most favorable prices! Our main benefit is a proper quality and promptness.

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