Legal assistance
in Almaty

Legal assistance in Almaty provided by our company covers many aspects of law

Legal assistance in Almaty

Legal assistance in Almaty provided by our company covers many aspects of the law, we list the most important ones.

Criminal Defense

1) defense at any stage of the case;
2) defense in the court of first, appeal, cassation and supervisory instances;
3) development of a competent line of defense in a criminal case.

Civil Affairs Office

- drafting a claim, response to the claim;

- the collection of information, necessary documents;

- sending attorney requests;

- Participation in court.

Resolving Divorce Disputes

- divorce;

- recovery of alimony;

- determination of the child’s place of residence;

- the definition of paternity;

- property section;

- adoption.

Legal assistance in land disputes

- assistance in narrowing the land;

- representation in court and other organizations;

- legal assistance in Almaty for registration of the state act on the land plot;

- collecting the necessary documentation.

Assistance in labor disputes

- making a claim, reviews, statements;

- assistance in the recovery of wages;

- the restoration of your rights in court.

Participation in inheritance cases

- counseling;

- representation in court;

- extension and restoration of the term for accepting an inheritance.

Cooperation with organizations

- the legal conduct of the organization;

- legal assessment of documentation;

- evaluation of contracts, transactions;

- assistance in litigation in the economic court;

- assistance in organizing, liquidating, reorganizing legal entities.

Legal advice

Oral and written consultations (with further cooperation with us, consultation is carried out free of charge).

Drafting of Claims

Compilation of lawsuits, petitions, petitions, and other legal documents (if you have all the necessary documents, we will help you draw up a lawsuit, statement, petition to the court, prosecutor’s office and other bodies and organizations)

Prior judicial settlement of disputes

Before judicial settlement of disputes (before judicial settlement of disputes is the most advantageous solution, excellent qualifications to solve any problem before the court between the parties to the dispute are explained by its qualifications and experience in similar cases, we have extensive experience in pre-judicial settlement of all civil law issues disputes).

In a word, legal assistance in Almaty in our company is a quality service from professionals!

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