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Registration of land in Almaty

Registration of land in Almaty is onerous and difficult and have many nuances. Therefore, we recommend that you trust professionals with dealing it.

Frequent problems of land registration

The first problem of land registration in Almaty, which often takes place when buying a land from third parties is a land power of attorney. Nowadays, computer technologies are developed so much that any document can be easily forged including land certificates.

The second problem of land registration in Almaty is that you need to spend too much time and efforts for collecting and filing documents with the Public Service Center. If you do it for the first time so you better entrust such a serious work to lawyers. .

The third problem of land registration in Almaty is that documents may be specified correctly, however, a land is indicated in a wrong place. It happens very often. There were cases when a a land lot was sold and a house was built on such land but a land owner indicated the land several meters rightward. As a result, the house had to be demolished and built again!

The fourth problem when independently registering the land in Almaty lies in long time periods for obtaining land certificates. It is quite clear that a professional will register the land much quicker. Because a person who files documents for the first time to the Public Service Center to register a land can make some mistakes. And to correct such mistakes will take much time.

Entrust the land registration in Almaty to our experienced lawyers! We will do everything promptly.

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